Arctic Law Greenland ApS is a Greenlandic based law firm, with a vast amount of experience inside the world of the Greenlandic Business world, and labor organizations. The company counsels in a vast variety of legal fields, and have a strong local anchoring in a large business network among other things. We help clients in the entirety of Greenland, Denmark and every other country as well. Our office is situated in Nuuk, close to the authorities, administration of justice and some of the country’s largest public, and private organizations. Our lawyers maintain and further build relations with clients and business partners outside of Nuuk, both in the cities of Greenland and outside of the country’s borders, through annual trips, in the country and outside of it, and we strive to be clear as a competent supplier for people, companies and organizations in the whole country.

We value professionalism, propriety and objectivity very highly. We make sure to secure that we have the best possible collegiate spirit both internally and externally with partners from other offices, the administration of justice, as well as for example the public authorities. The expansion moves quickly, and it is important that we keep up to date with it. Continuing education is therefore a requisite for us to be able to give professional advisory, and because of that, said area is a very high priority for all of our staff. 


Arctic Law Greenland puts pride in providing competent and individual advisory in different associations, and above that also creates comprehensive pro-bono work, such as extra advice for clients enduring criminal cases, voluntary guards in the local court help alongside unpaid labor in diverse councils, and professional organizations. This we of course do from our own free will, but also to give a look into the Greenlandic community’s coherence and therefore an insight which strengthens our counselling.