Arctic Law Greenland ApS provides professional advice to private and public companies in Greenland.

Arctic Law Greenland offers counselling to a large number of private sector customers. Our customers are primarily small and medium enterprises (SME) from Greenland and Denmark, although our portfolio of international clients is growing rapidly.

In addition we also offer counselling to professional organizations and the financial sector.

Administration of estates

The office assists the district courts and the Court of Greenland who set aside the trustees and also provides advice to heirs who wish to change privately.

Agreements law

Many cases and problems that arise can be referred back to the underlying agreement. We can assist you in clarifying the terms of an agreement before you enter into it. We will assist you with the assessment of whether the obligations under the agreement are being met during the agreement term and we can assess your options and rights when agreements become default.

The firm has an extensive collection of documents aimed at the classical agreements, incl. sales and acqusition of movables, companies and businesses as well as real property. Should you have special needs we will write an agreement to meet your specific requirements.

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Business development

At Arctic Law, we’ve achieved significant success in supporting international clients with their business development in Greenland. Leveraging our local expertise and network, we ensure your company receives the best possible start in Greenland. In addition to providing legal services, we assist you and your company in understanding the nuances of the Greenlandic business landscape. Moreover, we can introduce you to relevant stakeholders and potential partners, facilitating valuable connections for your business.

Construction law

We assist clients within all areas of construction issues, both before, during and after the contractsigning. The firm has a large portfolio of construction cases, where we assist our clients in solving legal disputes related to their cases.

Corporate law

Arctic Law Greenland ApS counsels, assistance and insight within all areas of corporate law.

We offer individual counselling on establishment of private and limited companies, partnerships and all other corporate constructions, incl. the transactional phases of sales, acquisitions and reconstructions. As one of our specialties we also offer corporate packages aimed at raising the standards of the companies┬┤ administration. We both draft and manage our clients central documents incl. shareholder agreements, articles of association, standard documents related to employment, leasing etc.

Corporate transfers

We offer counselling with all types of transfers, whether generational or corporate. We counsel the parties on the underlying diligences and drafting of contracts.

Debt collection

Arctic Law Greenland ApS assist both businesses and private citizens in finding the most appropriate and cost effective way when collecting debt on due invoices, deeds and other agreements. We undertake litigation to secure the right execution of the debt collection. Attorneys are appointed to all debt collection cases, and we ensure that the client is kept up to date with the development of the case.

Employment/Labour law

Arctic Law Greenland Aps offers specialised counselling within all aspects of employment law. We primarily offer advise to companies, but also assist CEOs, directors, managers and other employees within both the private and public sector in cases related to their employment. Employment law involves different legal disciplines and it is an advantage to seek counselling beforehand to ensure that employment contracts, clauses and policies etc. are thorough and individually fitted. Our assistance covers legal questions both before, during and after the employment, incl. resignations and dismissals. Apart from counselling Paulsen|Keldsen has litigated a number of employment/labour related cases at the courts.

The firm also offers lectures within the field of employment- and labour law.

Immigration service

Companies in Greenland may find themselves in need of hiring foreign labor, a process that can be complex and administratively burdensome. At Arctic Law, we have several years of experience assisting both Greenlandic and international companies in need of foreign workforce. We help companies ensure compliance with the Labor Immigration Act in Greenland and obtain municipal permits. Additionally, we aid companies in accessing fast-track processing and assist in applying for residence and work permits for foreign employees with the danish authorities.

Insolvency law

The firm assists the Courts of Greenland as trustee in the handling of insolvencies and we hence have a long experience with the problems that arise from businesses in distress.

Litigation and Arbitration

The firm conducts several cases within many areas of legal practice, both at the Courts of Greenland and at the National Court. In addition we have experience with arbitration, especially within construction law.


Arctic Law offers legal aid to Mining companies from your first entrance in to Greenland and onward from that. We can assist you with the process of achieving a license, with legal aid in all aspects regarding your business in Greenland and with your correspondence with the public administration in both greenland and Denmark

Personal data rights

Counseling about the personal data in Greenland is a core area for the office and we offer companies a compliance check that ensures that they are up to date in the personal data area. We make tailor-made policies based on the company’s data flow and we ensure that there are the necessary process descriptions that can help ensure appropriate implementation of the area in the company.

We construct and manage whistleblower schemes for private and public companies and organizations.

Public law

The firm assists both municipalities and the Selfrule Government with securing and handling their interests, and to some degree with contracting and drafting of rules/legislation and the preparatory work.

Real estate

The firm has extensive experience in sales and acquisition of real estate, incl. transactions on business facilities, centres, storage facilities etc. We offer assistance related to cases where property is split into several ownerships. In such cases we secure the right contact with the authorities, incl. the obtaining of permits for the acreage.

Rental law

We do standard documents for leasing and renting, and we assist both lessees and lessors on the topic of contractual rights and contractual breach.